pgpool-II 3.7 development

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Last update: 2016/11/24 (gray items are done, yellow items are behind schedule)

ID Registered/start Date Target Date Person in charge Overview Status
5 pgpool-hackers:1034 2015/09/03 - - add new child if it goes down need to assign, postpone to 3.7
10 Make PCP set configuration command public 2016/2/15 - Usama - Low priority
14 Allow to use multiple pgpool-II instances with in-memory query cache enabled 2016/3/4 Low priority
15 Health-check timeout for each backend node 2016/3/4 Low priority
49 pgpool routes queries with "SET TRANSACTION READ ONLY" to master 2016/5/18 2016/6/30 t-ishii low priority
54 testing of new failover code 2016/6/6 Ahsan assigned (Not started yet, plan to start after #04)
74 packet kind of backend 1 ['3'] does not match with master/majority nodes packet kind ['2'] 2016/8/15 2016/9/30 Tatsuo [3.6 beta] In progress
79 watchdog can start even in case VIP is brought up in other nodes. 2016/8/23 Usama assigned
80 watchdog can start even in case trusted servers are not reachable. 2016/8/23 Usama assigned
81 watchdogs with different VIP can exist in a cluster. 2016/8/23 Usama assigned
82 Behavior when watchdog process is killed 2016/8/23 Usama assigned
84 Changed behavior when all heartbeat LAN are disconnected 2016/8/23 Usama assigned
90 pgpool fails to run failover script if the sever running primary pgpool node and postgresql server dies 2016/9/6 2016/9/30 Usama [3.6 beta](same as #79)assigned
97 watchdog sometimes fails de-escalation 2016/9/21 Usama assigned
98 Not proper behaviour of Pgpool when one node of cluster goes disconnect by down interface 2016/9/28 Usama assigned
99 failover_command not executed 2016/9/28 Usama assigned
109 pgpoolAdmin 3.6 release 2016/12/31 -