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Last update: 2016/5/25 (gray items are done, yellow items are behind schedule)

ID Registered/start Date Target Date Person in charge Overview Status
1 pgpool-general:3907 2015/08/02 2015/10/28 Usama watchdog info Done in [pgpool-general: 4452]
2 pgpool-general:3923 2015/08/06 - Tatsuo pgpool_status needs discussion, postpone to 3.6. Usama will review this.
3 pgpool-hackers:994 2015/08/05 2016/5/13 Tatsuo connect to necessary DB nodes proposal, feedback, postpone to 3.6, strongly connected to item 11.
4 pgpool:330 2015/08/12 - Ahsan, Tatsuo mesuring pgpool-II overhead in progress, Tatsuo will review the result, postpone to 3.6
5 pgpool-hackers:1034 2015/09/03 - - add new child if it goes down need to assign, postpone to 3.6
6 pgpool-general:4016 2015/09/02 - Usama deal with pg_terminate_backend need to assign or expecting patches from user, postpone to 3.6
7 Import PostgreSQL 9.6 parser 2016/2/15 - Peng Will start after PostgreSQL 9.6 beta released
8 Add SET command 2016/2/15 2016/5/19 Usama - Add set command to configure session level configuraiton pgpool paramaeters. Change the pgpool load balance parameter on the fly. Done on 2016/5/21.
9-1 Convert the pgpool documentation to SGML 2016/2/15 2016/2/15 Usama Tool set porting work time estimate Estimating work hours to determine the shedule. He estimated as "3.5D".
9-2 Convert the pgpool documentation to SGML 2016/2/16 2016/2/19 Usama Tool set porting PostgreSQL docs trees are ported as well. Confirmed to be able to generate HTML files
9-3 Convert the pgpool documentation to SGML 2016/2/26 2016/2/29 Tatsuo Prune PostgreSQL's SGML files to prepare for creating pgpool-II docs
9-4 Convert the pgpool documentation to SGML 2016/2/27 Tatsuo, Peng, Usama Create/migrate actual pgpool-II document in SGML format
10 Make PCP set configuration command public 2016/2/15 - Usama -
11 Keep current session alive in-case of failover 2016/2/15 2016/5/13 Tatsuo Proposal already posted. At this point pcp_detach_node does not break in certain cases (load balance node is not detached)
12 Yet another stuck connection problem 2016/2/19 2016/2/23 Usama pgpool-general: 4457
13 Tutorial along with sample of escalation and de-escalation scripts for using pgpool-II watchdog on AWS 2016/2/26 Usama Will do after #8 and #8 are finished
14 Allow to use multiple pgpool-II instances with in-memory query cache enabled 2016/3/4
15 Health-check timeout for each backend node 2016/3/4
16 Worker Processes Exit and Are Not Re-spawned 2016/3/7 Usama
17 Extended query hangs 2016/2/22 2016/3/27 Tatsuo Fix confirmed (2016/3/30).
18 Buildfarm not working 2016/3/16 Yugo Should be fixed as soon as possible. It turned out that it was caused by disk full.
19 failback_command finishes,pgpool-II DONNOT restart all child processes 2016/3/18 Usama
20 pgpool child processes exit unexpectedly and don't restart after online recovery of a standby node 2016/3/18 Tatsuo
21 find_primay_node fails to find the primary node 2016/3/22 Tatsuo pgpool-general: 4560 Waiting for feedback but no response since 2016/3/30. So close this now...
22 kind mismatch among backends with COMMIT; 2016/3/23 Usama pgpool-general: 4565 Waiting for feedback.-> no reply since 2016/3/24. Closed
23 Error with JDBC memory_cache_enabled = on 2016/3/22 2016/5/31 Tatsuo resolved on 2016/5/21
24 Enironment Variable PG_CONFIG Ignored 2016/3/23 Tatsuo Topic not suitable for Mantis because it's not related to a bug. I suggested the reporter to move to mailing list.
25 Run Continuously attaching two degenerate backend,the second backend WILLNOT SUCCESS 2016/3/23 Usama Responded back, nothing to be done for that
26 regression test failure with 004.watchdog 2016/3/22 Usama The test fails Ubuntu after commit:;a=commit;h=e55c230d674ea221c09e8266a68d119f1a3a2dac Usama found that this was caused my race condition while writing to a log file. Tatsuo fixed this by redirecting process output to cat command.
27 Pgpool child hangs with full cpu load after permission error message from backend 2016/3/24 Tatsuo Already fixed in 3.5 stable tree?->Fix confirmed on 2016/3/29
28 Online recovery: existing connections did not close in 90 sec. 2016/3/23 2016/4/30 Tatsuo pgpool-II 3.3.6, client_idle_limit_in_recovery = -1 doesn't work (pgpool-general: 4570)
29 Pgppol not sending query error back to client 2016/3/25 Tatsuo Already fixed in 3.5 stable tree? Waiting for feedback->Confirmed on 2016/3/28
30 PGPoolII-3.5 : segfault during pcp_recovery 2016/3/23 2016/4/4 Usama pgpool-general: 4569 fixed commit:;a=commit;h=64696fd839da70e6fd8daacd73da11b6e8a1f1c9
31 pgpool-II minor releases 2016/4/4 Yugo pgpool-II 3.5.1, 3.4.5, 3.3.9, 3.2.14, 3.1.17, pgpoolAdmin 3.5.1
32 plugs out the network cable,the pgpool will not work。 2016/3/28 Usama
33 Hibernate + Pgpool-II Connection Failure 2016/3/18 Tatsuo Fix confirmed (in 3.5.1)
34 What is the execution order of ‘follow_master_command' and 'failover_command'? 2016/3/19 Tatsuo Waiting for feedback -> No feedback for a month. Close now...
35 Pgpool stops accepting connections when Postgresql slave goes down 2016/3/20 Usama Should be already fixed. [pgpool-hackers: 1531]
36 pcp_proc_count truncates PIDs over 5 characters long 2016/4/6 2016/4/20 Peng fixed;a=commit;h=bd11fcf420fe0e9cd1705673b0594aab39307cb9
37 pgpool web console gets pgpool.conf parameters incorrectly 2016/4/7 Nozomi assigned [Pgpool:1102] Bug 158-->assign changed to Nozomi because this is an pgpoolAdmin issue
38 Always PostgreSQL1 node is down frequently from PGpool console 2016/4/7 Tatsuo feedback--> No response over one month. Closed.
39 Connections not released if client exit ungracefully 2016/4/7 Tatsuo feedback--> No response over one month. Closed.
40 pcp_* functions call interface changed in pgpool 3.5 but pgpooladmin use old call mechanism 2016/4/7 2016/4/11 Nozomi fix committed
41 kind mismatch error on master_slave_mode=on / load_lalance_mode=off 2016/4/8 2016/4/15 Tatsuo fixed;a=commit;h=a3227199ddb688c54d8170c2f12f14cf041a43ab
42 PgPool hangs in load balance mode, when using JDBC driver and sending empty query 2016/4/11 Tatsuo fixed;a=commitdiff;h=a5fdf78e6e86c5a8a1d4ce5b1eb273a59f5ecfb9
43 pgpool-II shouldn't forward set default_transaction_isolation to 'serializable' to Hot Standby slaves 2016/4/14 2016/5/09 Peng fixed;a=commit;h=f97aa57fa89bd5c57dafb74f07e5531009d2391c
44 kind does not match error in pgpoolpgpool-II [pgpool-hackers:1501] 2016/4/20 Usama assigned
45 ERROR: unable to read data from frontend [pgpool-general: 4662] 2016/5/9 Yugo assigned
46 pgpool error with PAM [pgpool-general: 4670] 2016/5/10 Yugo assigned
47 New Defects reported by Coverity Scan for pgpool-II [Pgpool:1227] 2016/5/11 Usama [Pgpool:1227] assigned
48 "statement timeout" causes kind mismatch errors 2016/5/16 t-ishii fixed;a=commit;h=efb2162215f0a99103a49c0094da825640ff036f
49 pgpool routes queries with "SET TRANSACTION READ ONLY" to master 2016/5/18 t-ishii assigned
50 pgpool hangs connections to database when interface of standby/second backend 2016/5/23 Usama assigned
100 Platform freeze 2016/2/19 2016/3/15 - - All the new platforms that we want to support and add to BF should be decided by this date. It seems we will not add any new supported platforms.
101 Feature requirement freeze 2016/2/19 2016/3/15 - - We need to ensure all the features that we intend to add to 3.6 are speced out by this date
102 Feature Freeze 2016/2/19 2016/7/30 - - Ensure all the agreed upon features are committed to master by this date. This should be feature complete and we should only focus on bug fixed after this point.
103 Code Freeze 2016/2/19 2016/8/31 - - At-least one month period between feature and code freeze to ensure all new features are stable and critical bugs are fixed by this date.
104 pgpool-II 3.6 beta1 2016/2/19 2016/8/31 - - First Beta
105 pgpool-II 3.6 RC1 2016/2/19 2016/9/30 - - One month after beta1
106 pgpool-II 3.6.0 official release 2016/2/19 2016/10/30 - -