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PgPool Global Development Group provides the pgpool-II Yum Repository.


With this repository, you can install pgpool-II and pgpoolAdmin etc. by using yum. Please visit: https://www.pgpool.net/docs/latest/en/html/install-rpm.html for more details of RPM installation.

The pgpool-II yum repository currently supports Pgpool-II 3.6 or above with RHEL7/RHEL8 x86_64 (and RHEL compatible distributions like CentOS).

To use the yum repository, you must first install the repository RPM. To do this, download the correct RPM from the repository RPM listing, and install it with commands like:

Install the repository RPM

RHEL/Rocky 9.x

  • Pgpool-II 4.5
# dnf install https://www.pgpool.net/yum/rpms/4.5/redhat/rhel-9-x86_64/pgpool-II-release-4.5-1.noarch.rpm
  • Pgpool-II 4.4
# dnf install https://www.pgpool.net/yum/rpms/4.4/redhat/rhel-9-x86_64/pgpool-II-release-4.4-1.noarch.rpm
  • Pgpool-II 4.3
# dnf install https://www.pgpool.net/yum/rpms/4.3/redhat/rhel-9-x86_64/pgpool-II-release-4.3-1.noarch.rpm
  • Pgpool-II 4.2
# dnf install https://www.pgpool.net/yum/rpms/4.2/redhat/rhel-9-x86_64/pgpool-II-release-4.2-1.noarch.rpm
  • Pgpool-II 4.1
# dnf install https://www.pgpool.net/yum/rpms/4.1/redhat/rhel-9-x86_64/pgpool-II-release-4.1-1.noarch.rpm

RHEL/Rocky 8.x

  • Pgpool-II 4.5
# dnf install https://www.pgpool.net/yum/rpms/4.5/redhat/rhel-8-x86_64/pgpool-II-release-4.5-1.noarch.rpm
  • Pgpool-II 4.4
# dnf install https://www.pgpool.net/yum/rpms/4.4/redhat/rhel-8-x86_64/pgpool-II-release-4.4-1.noarch.rpm
  • Pgpool-II 4.3
# dnf install https://www.pgpool.net/yum/rpms/4.3/redhat/rhel-8-x86_64/pgpool-II-release-4.3-2.noarch.rpm
  • Pgpool-II 4.2
# dnf install https://www.pgpool.net/yum/rpms/4.2/redhat/rhel-8-x86_64/pgpool-II-release-4.2-2.noarch.rpm
  • Pgpool-II 4.1
# dnf install https://www.pgpool.net/yum/rpms/4.1/redhat/rhel-8-x86_64/pgpool-II-release-4.1-2.noarch.rpm

RHEL/CentOS 7.x

  • Pgpool-II 4.4
# yum install https://www.pgpool.net/yum/rpms/4.4/redhat/rhel-7-x86_64/pgpool-II-release-4.4-1.noarch.rpm
  • Pgpool-II 4.3
# yum install https://www.pgpool.net/yum/rpms/4.3/redhat/rhel-7-x86_64/pgpool-II-release-4.3-2.noarch.rpm
  • Pgpool-II 4.2
# yum install https://www.pgpool.net/yum/rpms/4.2/redhat/rhel-7-x86_64/pgpool-II-release-4.2-2.noarch.rpm
  • Pgpool-II 4.1
# yum install https://www.pgpool.net/yum/rpms/4.1/redhat/rhel-7-x86_64/pgpool-II-release-4.1-3.noarch.rpm

Install Pgpool-II

Once installing the repository RPM is done, you can proceed to install and update the Pgpool-II packages from the offcial repository.

Package names in the pgpool-II yum repository includes the version number of PostgreSQL to use with pgpool-II, such as: