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Pgpool source code repository is managed by PostgreSQL's git repository.

About pgpool-II source code management

Pgpool-II version policy

We release "major version" each year, which is mostly backward compatible with the previous release, Exceptions to this rule are listed in the release notes when sometimes some existing feature is dropped, depreciated or a change that brings certain incompatibilities with the older versions. The versions are numbered in the form of A.B.C where A.B is the major version number while C represents the minor version of a release. Currently pgpool-II versions are represented by A == 3 i.e 3.B.C where 3.B represents the major version number, So current releases of pgpool-II is also sometimes referred as "3. X series".

To absolutely identify version number, specifying the "minor version number (part C of A.B.C version string)" is important. This minor version is incremented for the bug fix release, which is roughly released every month. For example pgpool-II 3.5.0 represents the first release of pgpool-II 3.5 series and 3.5.1 is the second minor (bug fix) release of the same. Unlike major versions the new minor release is guaranteed to be 100% backward compatible with the previous minor release.

Pgpool-II branch policy

Pgpool-II source code is managed by git and hosted at PostgreSQL's git repository. Currently we have several branches to track each development tree. The under development branch (the candidate for next major version) is master branch.

Each time new major version is released, we create a branch to maintain the previous major version. We call them as "stable branches". Currently we have following stable branches.