Pgpool-II 4.1 development

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Last update: 2018/10/05 (gray items are done, yellow items are behind schedule, orange items are new features for 4.0, and pink items are other TODO)

Each bug items assigned "SL (Severity level)" from 1-3 (1 is the most severe, 3 is the least severe) in "Status" column.

ID Registered/start Date Target Date Person in charge Overview Status
001 [FEATURE] Cert authentication between Pgpool-II and PostgreSQL
002 [FEATURE] pgpool-hackers:1034 2015/09/03 - add new child if it goes down [Feature: small]
003 [FEATURE] Make PCP set configuration command public 2016/2/15 - - [Feature: small]
004 [FEATURE] New feature candidate: Seamless Application Failover 2017/3/23 Similar to Oracle's "Transparent Application Failover".
005 [FEATURE] Proposal: Enhancing pool_process and pool_pools 2018/02/13
006 New feature candidate: Support more prefix for query routing (similar to NO LOAD BALANCE)
201 Feature Agreement
202 Feature Freeze
202 Code Freeze