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| Peng
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Revision as of 07:42, 14 December 2017

Last update: 2017/12/14 (gray items are done, yellow items are behind schedule, pink items are new features for 3.8)

Each bug items assigned "SL (Severity level)" from 1-3 (1 is the most severe, 3 is the least severe) in "Status" column.

ID Registered/start Date Target Date Person in charge Overview Status
2 pgpool-hackers:1034 2015/09/03 - Usama add new child if it goes down [Feature: small]->postpone to 3.8
3 Make PCP set configuration command public 2016/2/15 - Usama - [Feature: small]->postpone to 3.8
5 Allow to use multiple pgpool-II instances with in-memory query cache enabled 2016/3/4 Tatsuo http://pgpool.net/mediawiki/index.php/TODO#Allow_to_use_multiple_pgpool-II_instances_with_in-memory_query_cache_enabled [Feature: small] [medium size implementation]->postpone to 3.8
43 new feature candidate: verify standby node while finding primary node 2017/1/12 Tatsuo/Usama http://www.pgpool.net/pipermail/pgpool-hackers/2017-January/001979.html [Feature: Medium][medium size implementation]->postpone to 3.8
62 [Feature] New feature candidate: certification base authentication 2017/3/23 Usama will post a proposal to pgpool-hackers
63 New feature candidate: Seamless Application Failover 2017/3/23 Similar to Oracle's "Transparent Application Failover". Ahsan will post a proposal to pgpool-hackers
72 New feature candidate: Support more prefix for query routing (similar to NO LOAD BALANCE) 2017/4/17 Usama Postpone to 3.8
83 [pgpool-hackers: 2400] Garbage output 2017/6/19 Usama
92 0000322: PGPool child processes go into <defunct> state when a backend node is unresponsive 2017/7/21 Tatsuo https://www.pgpool.net/mantisbt/view.php?id=322 Seen similar issue when searching primary node is retrying
104 0000329: Newly elected(promoted) Pgpool does connect to any backend 2017/8/11 2017/12/11 Usama http://www.pgpool.net/mantisbt/view.php?id=329 fix in 3.7 done. Needs back patching
106 0000332: Watch dog issue 2017/8/24 Usama http://www.pgpool.net/mantisbt/view.php?id=332 Not an issue. Usama will comment on Mantis.
111 0000339: Failover does not occurr if master Pgpool-II and primary PostgreSQL servers are stopped at the same time 2017/9/13 Usama https://www.pgpool.net/mantisbt/view.php?id=339 Done in 3.6, 3.5, 3.7. Working on 3.4 and 3.3 --> Impossible due to technical reasons. Usama will comment on Mantis,
120 0000349: Connection to PGpool Port through VIP fails to connect with JDBC, works fine with ODBC 2017/10/5 ishii http://www.pgpool.net/mantisbt/view.php?id=349 Waiting for feedback.(2017/10/6)-->asking to close the issue (2017/12/8)
123 [pgpoolAdmin] 0000361: Can't detach node from pgpoolAdmin UI, while pcp_detach_node works fine 2017/11/01 Peng https://www.pgpool.net/mantisbt/view.php?id=361 Done. 2017/11/24
125 0000348: pgpool failover scenario ERROR - pgpool 3.6.6 (postgres 9.3.5) 2017/11/09 Usama https://www.pgpool.net/mantisbt/view.php?id=348 In progress
126 0000342: On master fail slave not able to convert itself to master 2017/11/09 Usama https://www.pgpool.net/mantisbt/view.php?id=342 In progress
127 [pgpoolAdmin]0000364: PGPool hangs when then number of connections are greater than num_init_children 2017/11/10 Peng https://www.pgpool.net/mantisbt/view.php?id=364 Waiting for feedback. (Requesting log file)
128 [pgpoolAdmin] 0000369: yum's baseurl does not exist and it can not be used 2017/11/24 Peng https://www.pgpool.net/mantisbt/view.php?id=369 Done. (2017/11/27)
129 [pgpool-hackers: 2635] Some problems in Makefile.am 2017/12/08 Peng https://www.pgpool.net/pipermail/pgpool-hackers/2017-December/002635.html Assigned.
130 $(top_srcdir) was created in src/parser/. 2017/12/08 Peng Assigned.
131 Logging client message 2017/12/08 Tatsuo https://www.pgpool.net/pipermail/pgpool-hackers/2017-December/002638.html
132 0000370: Pgpool get stuck with db exception followed by select 2017/12/11 Tatsuo https://www.pgpool.net/mantisbt/view.php?id=370 Patch provided. Waiting for feedback.
133 Failed in 002.native_replication. (Pgpool-II couldn't rewrite DEFAULT) 2017/12/14 Peng In progress.
134 [pgpoolAdmin] Pull Request 2017/12/14 https://github.com/pgpool/pgpooladmin/compare/master...remodoy:postgresql_connect_timeout Peng Assigned