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0000170Pgpool-IIEnhancementpublic2019-06-17 23:03
ReportergabrimonfaAssigned Tot-ishii 
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Platformpgpool-II 3.5OSLinuxOS VersionCentos 7 64bit
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Summary0000170: md5 authentication without using pool_passwd
DescriptionI need client to use md5 authentication, using pgpool
Using pool_passwd and pool_hba for md5 need a restart to simply add/modify a user which breaks all existing connections.

What I need is a way to bypass pgpool authentication and use only postgresql authentication which is set to md5, aka pgpool should only transparently try to authenticate against postgresql without doing any authentication by itself.

Using trust in pool_hba and md5 in pg_hba results in "MD5 authentication is unsupported in replication, master-slave and parallel mode".

Am I doing something wrong?
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2016-03-04 18:01

developer   ~0000671

That's an expected behavior. See:


2016-03-04 18:55

reporter   ~0000672

Yes, I know.
In fact I'm asking for an enhancement.
It is painful to keep user and password alligned between postgresql and pgpool.

I would like the client to use md5.
I set pg_hba to use md5 from the pgpool host (localhost in my case).
I set pool_hba to use md5 from client hosts.
Why md5 password cannot be passed to postgresql without checking pool_passwd?
Is there a technical reason?
If postgresql authentication succeeds, client authentication succeeds, otherwise fails.
Why double authentication against pgpool and postgresql?

To be complete, I'm using a couple of pgpool in HA with two backends in streaming replication and hot standby.


2016-03-07 11:27

developer   ~0000676

If it's an enhancement request, please post it to one of our mailing lists.

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